Our Team

In 2003 I received my Doctorate of Dental Science from UCLA School of Dentistry. Prior to UCLA Dental School I attended UC Davis where in 1999 received my undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry. After graduation I became part-time teaching faculty at UCLA Dental School. The passion to practice dentistry is deeply rooted in my family. My brother and I followed our father’s footsteps and embarked on successful journey to become dental professionals.

In 2012, my family and I had a wonderful opportunity to relocate to the Central Valley and continue the legacy of Dr. Larry Jones. Since moving we found a welcoming community that is family and faith oriented which is something we truly value. We are blessed with amazing people and friendships we have established.

I strongly believe that every patient be treated with respect and compassion. Practicing dentistry goes far beyond the technical aspect of the profession, and to me building relationships as important as my skill to make beautiful smiles.


Boris Shnayder D.D.S